Mother Nature!! You’re Selfish!

Freaking Mother Nature was you trying to put on a show…well bravo, well done. Although it wasn’t needed we get it… It’s winter, but honestly there was no need to show off. It’s not our fault you showed up late. That’s on you home girl, don’t punish the rest of us. Because of you I spent all day…okay I’m exaggerating it was like 4 hrs of my morning but still me and my dad were shoveling our little hearts out trying to get the cars out of mountains of snow so they could be ready for us to go to work in the morning. On top of that I had to change my shoes twice. No I wasn’t trying to be fashionable, my first pair of boots soaked through so I had to change to sneakers!!! Do you understand how hard it is to shovel in sneakers. Your slipping and sliding all over the place. Shit is crazy!!

As I was saying because of all that hard work my body is super sore and my arms are yelling profanities at me. I just thought you should know Mother Nature your little temper tantrum ruined everybody’s weekend…well not me because you know I don’t do anything anyway you just gave me more of a reason to stay home, but I’m sure other people were very upset with you. Next time you want to act all crazy and start dropping crazy amounts of snow upon us make sure it’s at least on a freaking weekday so I get that glorious morning call from my boss letting me know that the office is going to be closed. Don’t be so selfish next time… Gosh!! Well that’s all folks.

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily (I gotta go to sleep now cuz I gotta go to work tomorrow… Thanks a lot Mother Nature!)

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