• HELLO!!! My name is Emily and Welcome to my life. I would like to apologize now for anything I might write because it will most likely offend a lot of people…I really don’t have a filter so if you’re still reading this it’s too late (Ooo Drake that really does work for anything). I curse about 95% of the time…let me tell you something about curse words they are the best, and that’s all I have to say about that. If you do decide to continue on this random, weird and crazy journey that is Life As A Moon I suggest you become real good friends with Google (which by the way, isn’t fucking Google amazeballz, honestly Google is Life. You’re Welcome) because I be dropping references. I feel I should let you know that I do not use correct punctuations (cause I hate’em), I will most likely spell shit wrong (and when I say shit I mean words, because clearly I’m amazing at spelling curse words), oooo and you will also see a lot of these () or … those bad boys because I likes them and I like to make you feel like you’re really in my head while I figure out what the fuck I’m trying to write. Well I guess that’s it… continue onward at your own risk. Ooo wait if anyone wants to contact me (I’m not sure why you would want to but please do) my email is vidadeunaluna@gmail.com (life as a moon was already taken… as Stephanie Tanner would say “How Rude”, so I had to change it up alittle and then translate it into Spanish.) and follow @lifeasamoon on Instagram for fun updates and random pictures I post… aaaand posts usually go up every or every other or every every other Sunday, and there are some already up and waiting for you; just go to menu and then blogs and BAM!! you’re there (not gonna lie I felt a little bit like Emeril Lagasse… I hope that’s how his name is spelled). AAALLLLLRIGHTY THEN, I say good day.
  • P.S. I have no clue who did that beautifully magical artwork that’s currently my header picture I found it on Pinterest (aka Life the 2nd after Google), but I absolutely love it and I hope to find out who did it so I can give home girl or home boy some much deserved credit.

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. You. Are. Hilarious. Lmao i love this blog. Don’t forget about the little people when this shit gets on huffinton post!


    1. Lol…thanks dude I’m glad you like it… I really appreciate it!!! And I’ll make sure to write about the little people in the most memorable acceptance speech when I win my Pulitzer… Lol


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