Don’t Just Say It…Do it!!

So I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf with the help of my Sluttie PIC (Partner In Crime…not a sluttie picture of me you nastys…previously known as Ditzy Doodle). Today we had a very productive day. We went to the movies to see How To Be Single, which we thought was fitting since we’re both single and it’s Valentine’s Day. So yeah it was slightly depressing, but the movie was really funny even though the theater had a little technical difficulties. It was overall a good movie. Now your probably asking where in this story did you decide to turn over a new leaf. Well don’t rush me I’m getting there, GOSH!!

I guess in the spirit of Valentine’s Day I was originally going to talk about the fact that I don’t remember how it is to have feelings for someone. I’m currently in a situation…of my own making in my head, because this person doesn’t know the fucked upness happening in Le Noggin. Anywho so I don’t remember how it is to have feelings for someone because it’s been a long time since I’ve had said feelings. I was talking about this with PIC and she really helped me see that I don’t know how I feel about the person I was previously talking about that has no clue what is going on in my head, sorry I’m babbling. She basically pointed out that I’m scared of rejection, and won’t allow myself to feel anything on purpose…hence why I don’t feel the normal things one would feel if they had feelings for someone. That’s why I’m so confused, because this guy is very nice, funny, and I can be my crazy ass self around him, who wouldn’t want that. These are definitely things you want in someone you would possible want to see where things go with. BUUUUUT because I’ve been burned before I’m basically in a self preservation mode that probably won’t be broken… like ever. God this is so depressing!! Damn you St. Valentine for having a day and making things miserable!

After PIC and I spoke about our emotional baggage and had a smodginal ( this means smidge and inal…NO not anal, get your head out of the gutter… together, I don’t have a better definition because the word is made up…sorry). Any way we had cry fest in Houlihans where we’ve come to the conclusion that we need to stop dwelling on shit that can’t be changed and just go with the flow and do fun activities to keep ourselves preoccupied, so you wont have time to think about shit that’s out of your control. If your asking “how did this idea make your leaf turn? Your already a phenomenal person.”  Oh Sweet Baby Jesus made with extra lovin’, that’s mighty swell of yall to think. Well if you were wondering that; it’s because I don’t go out and  actually do have “emotions” (*shivers* that word gives me the Heebie-Jeebies) …I know Scandalous, but it’s super true. Well as depressing as this was I must leave thee.

Love Ya from The Moon and Back,

Emily (Happy Valentine’s Day!!!)

Worst Week Ever!

Well this week has been a miserable one. Last weekend me and my mom decided to go on a diet. So you know its been a week without any sweets, and all the delicious non healthy things. I don’t mind eating healthier, I like veggies and fruits, and I don’t even mind not having carbs all the time. The thing that is making this torture is what my mother told me on Friday.

Friday night my parents and I went to Outback, my usual reaction would be like hell yeah free food and drinks… buuuuuut then again I’m on a diet and can’t have my Alice Springs Chicken Quesadilla. So I went with steak and some steamed veggies crap, but I was still okay with that because I was gonna have either a big glass of beer or my favorite a frozen peach Bellini (its called a Wally-B Darned but I’m not sure if I spelled it right). As I was saying I was cool not having my usual because I was gonna get my drink on.

Do you want to know what my mother said to me. She said I can’t have any delish alcoholic beverages while being on this diet… Blasphemy!! I felt scandalized, how could she say such horrid things to me. To clarify I asked if that also meant my most beloved Vino, Wine, Deliciousness in a bottle as well. She had the audacity to say yup nothing with alcohol those are empty calories, EMPTY CALORIES!! HOW RUDE. I know right,  how dare my mom say such mean things about something I love. Wine has never did me dirty… I cant say the same for other alcohol related things, because one to many shots and who knows what I’ll do or who I’ll become. But wine, that’s my home girl/home boy/best friends I ever had. I don’t consider wine alcohol; wine is just grape juice with a kick you know grown-up grape juice or something. It does magical things.

I told my mom that I’d just have beer, wine and deeeelish peach Bellini’s for dinner. I didn’t think it was a bad idea, but Mama Moon didn’t approve of this idea. so basically this week really just turned to crap on Friday night when I was told that I’m not allowed to have Alcohol. Whoa is me… What kind of world do we live in that drinking has calories in the first place. don’t even start with the skinny girl drinks, I’d rather drink gasoline then that crap. Well I’m off to have another miserable week. See ya next Sunday.

Love Ya from The Moon and Back,

Emily (I hope everyone is enjoying their wings and other scrumptious foods you’ll be eating on this fine Super Bowl Sunday; while I sit here eating celery and carrots and waiting for the Half-Time show… where you know Queen Bey is going to Slay.)

Grease Live Recap!

Omg!!! I have to say that I really enjoyed watching Grease Live last night… I know that there were changes from the original and believe me I know that freakin movie like the back of my hand, but I still loved watching it. The actors were amazing, they all had oh my Lort (Madea voice) awesomeballz voices. I’m just saying Julianne Hough was sooooo good as Sandy. When she sang “Hopelessly Devoted” I got chills and they were multiplying… Hehehe I cracks myself up. Speaking of who was super awesomeballz was freaking Vanessa Hudgens. She did phenomenal as Rizzo. Rizzo is my favorite and considering what she was going through emotionally she was fanfuckingtastic!!! I just don’t know how she was able to even get out of bed let alone have the performance she did. When she sang “There Are Worst Things” I was just sitting there watching her, and usually I’m singing along acting out the scene… Just so you have a clear idea of how transfixed I was. OMG and Boyz II Men people… Done!!!

Okay so you know (if you watched Grease Live last night) that it wasn’t an exactly like the Original Grease, which of course I knew it wouldn’t be, but there were a few things I wasn’t really into. One was the songs I didn’t know, and it had nothing to do with the people singing I thought Keke Palmer and Carly Rae Jepsen were great I just didn’t like their songs because I couldn’t sing along with them. The thing that did bother me was the dance moves!!! I get that it’s not going to be the same but at least the parts that everybody knows like in Grease Lightening and the Hand Jive those should have been incorporated into the new dance moves, I was waiting to dance with them. All in all I had fun watching and criticizing it, and I feel like everyone did a fantabulouso job!! I applaud you all because that had to be incredibly hard to do all of that live!! Well that’s all for me today…Till next time.

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily (just so you know I should’ve been apart of Grease Live I would’ve totally nailed it! Just saying.)