Bingeing on Netflix

As my friend Strawberry Short Titz would say… OH MY LANTA!!! Guys Making A Murderer is freaking BANANAS!!! This series had me laughing one second to angry and yelling at my TV to feeling sad to being scandalized. This freaking documentary makes you feel every emotion on the emotional spectrum. All of my Saturday and most of my Sunday was spent watching this series. I felt like I was apart of the Avery family and then at one point I was like I wanna be a lawyer so I could be a part of the Dream Team… Me and Saca Moco named Averys defense lawyers Strang and Buting The Dream Team. I’m telling you if you haven’t watched this series yet you should, it just sucks you in. It’s on Netflix!! Doooooo it, just Doooo it (as Shai LaBeouf would say).

I haven’t been this invested in a show since Sons of Anarchy!!! I first got into Sons of Anarchy when I realized how deeeelish Charlie Hunnam is, but I continued watching it…well obviously because of Charlie’s ass…but also because that show was so captivating. At the time I started watching SOA (it was a Friday) the show was about to start its 6th season on the Tuesday coming up, and Netflix at the time had up to season 4. When I started watching it I had no intentions of catching up to the current season. Well SOA had other plans. Not only did I watch the 4 seasons on Netflix I ended up calling out of work that Monday and bought the 5th season on ITunes so I could finish before season 6 started. Yes you read me right I called out of work and bought a whole freaking season, and watched 5 full seasons of a show that has about 13 episodes per season with a running time of and hour or more in the span of 3 and a half days!!! That is how Cray this show was. OOOO how I miss you SOA!

Clearly my weekend was action packed hence why I didn’t post this last night… Well that’s all folks!!

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily (Good Morning!!)

Ps. I hit 100 posts last week… I know I’m super awesomeballz!

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