Vino Viernes!!!

Hey hey hey!!! Its’ Friday, and I’m super sorry that this is going up so late. But, you know what Friday means!!!! VINO!!! Well in this case BEER!!! I totally forgot to pick up some wine yesterday and the only wine left in my house was that nastiness I had last week and I was not going to put my self through that again. So I’m drinking some Cerveza instead…that’s the fastest alcoholic beverage to find in my fridge. The beer I’m drinking which everyone should get on, is Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy!!! THIS IS HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE BEER!!! I especially love it because Papa Moon hates it… which you know, means he won’t be drinking my BEER!!! Or so I thought I got home today and there was only 1 left, because home boy drank all my shit.

Down to what I really wanted to talk to you guys about. MUSIC!! So in memory of B.B. KING all I listened to today was blues and jazz music. At first I didn’t realize I knew any blues artist until my coworker started pointing out all my favorite old school singers; like Edith Piaf , Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Billie Holiday… I felt like the biggest douch… I didn’t even realize they were blues artist. After listening to blues all day it got me thinking that the music we listen to today is freaking terrible!!! Music back in the day had substance… it had meaning behind it…there was actual LYRICS!! Yes people Lyrics… I know unheard of right. Listening to actual music makes you think…what the heck are we listening to. The songs now a days are all about booties, drugs, and sex. Yes I know songs from back in the day spoke about the same things, but they were classier and smoother with it.

A couple of weeks ago I was with Indigo and Royal Blue and we were listening to 90s rap and older songs. Then Whitney Houston’s song “Wanna Dance with Somebody” came up… and I love this song!!! Like when I hear this song I. wanna. Dance. You know because Whitney said. Any way Indigo brought up Jeremiahs song about him wanting to drink with somebody, and take shots with somebody, and then he wants to go home with somebody. I was like damn man!! You just messed up an amazing Whitney Houston song.

Any way so we were talking about that and it got me thinking, its true music today is shit, it has no meaning… if you have a catchy beat and a phrase that means absolutely nothing that people like you’ve struck gold… because apparently we’re all stupid (yes I include myself as well because honestly man…stupid) because they don’t make any sense. Now we have people becoming rich and famous off of this stupidity. When you think about the music even from the 90s it might have started to lean towards the nonsense we listen to now, but we still had artist like Lauryn Hill and Boyz II Men, who had something meaningful to say and it was poetic.

It’s just pretty disappointing to think that this music we listen to is what might identify our generation. There aren’t many artists out today that give me goose bumps, like when I listen to the music my mum listened to. And it’s just sad. There’s only a handful of artist today that give me that feeling; like Justin Timberlake (any thing he does I will always listen to he is the exception because I love him) Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Jessie J, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Colbie Calliet,, Jason Mraz and I think that’s it. For a person that loves music as much as I do, my list should still be rolling out. I don’t know, maybe I should branch out and listen to different genres. What evs I’m just talking shit. It’s been swell!!

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,

Emily (Music Enthusiast)


Colorful FRIENDS!!

Has anybody had one of those weekends or days even, where you don’t do anything crazy but it was still probably the best time you’ve had.

Well that basically sums up this weekend for me. Saturday night was one of the best nights I’ve had in a while. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary and I absolutely loved it. I spent my Saturday with my favorite Hermanitas (sisters)…I just realized that I have a couple sisters that are my friends…(I swears I love you all…MUAH!!). Any who I hung out with Indigo and Royal Blue, I’ve been friends with these two for as long as I can remember…well I met Indigo through Royal Blue. Royal Blue and I went to Elementary school together and till this day we have no clue how we became friends or even how we met. But I’ve never been more thankful to be able to call these two amazing, talented and B.E.A.UTIFUL people my friends/sisters. Sorry for getting emotional on you there, I just finished listening to Ribbon in The Sky by Stevie Wonder, and let me tell you that dude knows how to pull those heart strings man!

Anyway we spent our night drinking Vino (two big ass bottles), smoking Hookah, and talking crap ranging from: reminiscing about the crazy stuff we used to do, marriage, our book club, will Derek Hough return to DWTS (Dancing With The Stars) to… who would you rather, you know do the nasty with, Derek Hough or Mark Ballas? Sorry Mark you’re a cutie, but I just have this obsession with Dereks… and you know Derek Hough is DEEELISH!! hehehe. We did that who would you rather, you know do the nasty with, for what seemed like hours with a hole bunch of different famous people. Do you know how hard it is to think of celebrities to match up against each other… well I’ll tell you, it was pretty hard man. On any other day I could have told you the persons: full name, where they came from, what movies, shows, music, or sport that person played, but on the day I actually needed this useless information I couldn’t think of anyone’s name. I could see the peoples face perfectly in my head but I couldn’t think for their names to save my life; It’s a good thing I had Google to help me though, because I still would have been saying… you know that guy with face in that movie with the people, and you know the one with the really nice ass. The best part had to be our version of lipsync/rap battle, it was freaking HIGHlarious; I haven’t laughed that hard in what feels like forever (for-ev-er,FOR-EV-ER…gotta love The Sandlot). I say good day to you all!giphy

Love Ya from the Moon and back,

Emily (must say in british accent…We Literally drank two big arse bottles of Wine…two)

P. motherFING S. WHY SHONDA RHIMES WHY… How could you do that to me…DEREK FREAKING SHEPHERD… WHY!!! Hasn’t’ Meredith been through enough shit in her life. HOLY CRAP! This woman knows how to ruin a persons perfectly good Thursday night…DAMN BRUH!