The Olympics Have Me Feeling Patriotic As F***!

The Olympics have me feeling some type of way! While watching Michael Phelps swin (no not a typo… That mofo was swimming and winning!!! #swinning! I like to make up words don’t judge me) the other day I found my self trying to dolphin kick with him while he was doing his backstroke. Like me kicking from my couch is going to help him… But I also kind of feel like it did because he swon that shit! Don’t even get me started when On freaking gymnastic. I constantly yell at my mom for never putting me in gymnastics, even though at this age I would be considered an old fart, but I could’ve been like Nastia Lukin and won gold in the 2008 Olympics and just be a badass Olympic commentator! OMG!! For the first time I saw woman’s rugby and basically decided that I will learn all the rules of this game become a master player and make the US team in time to make it to the 2020 Olympics in Japan!!! I’m freaking focused! I’m gonna be so bad ass at rugby that even countries I’m not from are gonna ask me to play for their team!!! OOOO and I heard that they’re gonna be bringing Softball back and I’m also gonna be playing for them in the 2020 Olympics. Do you see what I have to deal with, my dreams get a little to excited sometimes. I have to bring it down a notch, I’ll just stick with being on the Olympic rugby team because I would love to lay out some people.

Other than wanting to become an Olympian at every possible sport that I think I can master in the next 3 and half years, the Olympics also have me feeling so patriotic it’s crazy! Every time the U.S. wins a gold and they’re up on that podium with their gold medal, watching our flag rise, and listening to the national anthem i cry as if I’m the one up there! I cry as if I worked hard as fuck to get where they are and it’s freaking magical! Well that’s all I got for today see you all in the 2020 Olympics!
Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( I was just kidding I’ll be back next Sunday… But I will also begin my Olympic training.. I say good day!)

Aren’t We in 2015?

I’m not one to watch the news…because it’s super freaking depressing… but a couple of days ago I was listening to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show (the best morning radio show…EVA!!!) and they brought up the situation that’s going on in Indiana and Arkansas (this is how I pronounce it…ARE-Kansas…I like it better that way). For those that don’t know what’s going, because your like me and don’t watch the news as much, Indiana and Arkansas had passed a law/bill allowing Religious Freedom. Which to me just sounds like letting people legally discriminate against others that have a different sexual orientation than what they’ve been told to believe is correct. I completely understand that every one has the right to believe what he/she wants and I respect that, but when it comes to a point where your demeaning or degrading someone for who they are is not acceptable. When I was younger I was taught to treat people the way you would want to be treated, amongst other things like…Emily-Ann don’t put that in your mouth…Emily-Ann stop moving so much…Emily-Ann don’t touch that…and my favorite one was “coño niña para de correr tanto” (which basically means WTF girl stop running around so much) I know you wouldn’t be able to tell from the Awesomeness that you reading but I was a demon child. On the news the other day (yes I watched it, but only because the control was no where near me) I heard a family owned business refused service to a paying customer because of that persons sexual orientation, and that makes me wonder how they would feel if that happened to them (I’m pretty sure they would feel like crap ass). I’m not trying to disrespect anyone’s religion, and if I did I’m truly sorry (I have absolutely nothing against religion…I honestly don’t understand it because I’ve never been a religious person).

Being that we’re in the year 2015 one would think we would have learned from the past struggles this country has had with segregation. I for one think it’s freaking (this is really meant to be the other F word *wink*… but I’m trying to some what sensor myself) time people be accepted for who they are. I don’t mean to get all patriotic and shit but America is known for its diversity… soooo WTF bruh. Just because someone doesn’t fall under another persons definition of normal or right doesn’t mean it should be held against him or her. On that note, I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject so don’t be afraid to write to me. Whew… Holy cheese sticks its exhausting being serious.


Love, everything about Ya, from the Moon and Back,



P.S. from what I read the other day, Indiana has made some adjustments to the law stating that no one can be turned away due to their sexual orientation.