Vino Viernes!!

Hello, it’s me… I’ve been back from California for about two weeks… Sorry I had to because Adele is back!!!!!!! If you haven’t heard her new single Hello then you better… And just be ready for a lot of feelings to arise. OOOO Adele how I’ve missed you!! Where you been all my life!!!

Any way…. I’M BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! I know I’m two weeks late but what had happened was laziness over took my life and I didn’t know how to return. I was originally going to start up again on Wednesday, but I heard the most horrid news ever!!! DEREK JETER IS FREAKING ENGAGED!!! How dare he think he can be happy and get engaged without talking things out with me!!! I’ve been by his side since I was SIX YEARS OLD!!! That’s 19 and half years wasted!!! So clearly I was heart broken and haven’t been myself for the past couple of days. Thank god today is VINO VIERNES… Well it honestly doesn’t matter because I’ve been drowning my sorrows since Tuesday with my strong ass Canadian Wine ( you like how I just threw that in there uh uh… I know I’m good). Now that that chapter in my life has ended, well unless he becomes single again… Cuz you know I’m jumping right back in love with him. Who am I kidding I will forever be EMILY-ANN JETER!! I do have to give homeboy props because future wifey is HOTT, and if this 25 years old (me) can’t have him then I grudgingly pass the reins on to that 25 year old (Hannah Davis). Ugh what hurts the most is that she’s my age!!!

Moving on there’s a lot of California/West Coast stuff I’m going to be writing about for the next few days so I decided to break it up into each city I visited. So the Line up for next weeks post will be hopefully as follows: Monday San Francisco day, Wednesday Los Angeles/ Santa Monica day and Friday Las Vegas day. A lot of fun stuff and not so fun stuff happened. So I’ll see (well not really see but whatevs) you on Monday. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Love Ya From the Moon and Back,
The real Mrs. Jeter (just so you know I will never be over Derek JETER getting engaged… NEVER!!

Ps. Although I’m a Yankee fan I want to say… I hope the Mets win the World Series…LET’S GO METS!!

Vino Viernes!!!!

Sip, sip, sip, sip, sip EVERYBODY!!! One, two, three… One, Two, Three Drink! EVERYBODY put your glasses up and I drink to that! Now Raise your glass! OOO GOSH I can’t think of another songs that talkS about drinking… How is that possible!!!
Anyway if you haven’t noticed by my wonderful intro…IT’S. VINO. VIERNES!!!! My favorite day of the week!!!! Today I’m drinking something my cousin Harry Queen of the Potters told me to try! It’s called Real Sangria… And all I have to say is that this is REAL DELISSSSH!!! I bought two different types, a red one and a white one… Because you know me if you give me options I can’t handle the pressure… So the logical thing to do is buy both bottles, which I did! YASSS!!! So today I’m drinking the white one and leaving the red one for next week!
Not only is it Vino Viernes, but there is a one of the greatest reasons to drink a little something something today/tonight!! Some historical shit happened today!! Finally the U.S. of the motherfing A has equalized marriage!!! This is a huge mile stone not only for the LGBT Community, but for Americans! I’ve always felt that no matter who you love you should be able to express yourself and not feel like there are restraints or feeling of judgement! Fuck what other people think about you and just love who you want, be with who you want, Marry who you want! You should be able to Marry that man or woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with, that’s your choice, and finally everyone gets to make that choice! LOVE WINS!!! I honestly have no other words for you today, I’m just very happy for everyone. So on that note, I would like everyone to please raise a glass and help me toast for the Equalization of Marriage and for LOVE CONQUERING ALL!!! Now EVERYONE get DRUNK IN LOOOOOVE!!!

Love You from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( I know this is a short one, but that’s all that needs to be said for tonight… LOVE WINS!)