The One Where My Friends Came

On this weeks episode my friends/my slutties/my main bitches joined me in talking about everything we could think of. There was some DR stories, some NOLA stories and a lot about tits, dicks, ass and we played a little game of “Whats Dat Song?”.

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Tori Kelly is a Boss!!

I feel like going to a concert is like studying for a big test. You spend all week listening to every song they ever made so you can sing along the whole time. It was exhausting but fantabulouso! “Ain’t nobody love, ain’t nobody love like you do… It’s should’ve been us, shoulda been a fire, shoulda been the perfect storm, it should’ve been us, coulda been the real thing… Only your love could fill up my cup cuz I’m hollooooooooow yea I’m holloooouhuhoooow…was it real or was it all in my head, she’s so pretty you to look so great it’s time for me to move on now it was probably just some silly crush anyway.” So I was totally at Tori Kelly’s Unbreakable Concert on Friday and it was freaking amazing!!! She is incredible, her voice gave me goose bumps the whole time!! If you haven’t jumped on the Tori Kelly Train hurry up and do it l, you don’t know what your missing!




Sooooo my trip to DR was AMAZEBALLZ!! Me and Sluttie McSlutterson hung out at the pool all weekend and drank alot of Banana Mamas (which are freaking DEEELISH!!!). One of the days we went to this little baby nugget island called Cayo Arena, which is absolutely beautiful. I got to snorkel and see so many beautiful colors of the coral reef and the most amazing fishes. I was hoping I would get to see a few turtles, but I didn’t which ultimately might’ve been a good thing because I don’t think a Sea Turtle would’ve passed customs or fit in my carry on. Basically I had the best Birthday ever, helped me forget that I’m four years closer to 30… Ooo god it hurts my soul just thinking about it. Well that’s all I have for you today.

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily (if you ever get a chance to go to DR you must go to Cayo Arena it’s freaking magical!!)

B-Day Vaca!!!

I’m going on vacation in t-minus 4 days and I’m so freaking excited!!! So for the past week I’ve been prepping and buying things I’ll need for my trip. I’ll be going to a Caribbean Island and I’m not going to tell anyone because I don’t want anyone stalking me…. Okay okay I’ll tell you stop acting crazy. I’m going to le DR (the Dominican Republic) for my birthday which is in 4 days! I know super scandalous I’m leaving the same day of my birth. That’s how we do when we plan out vacation for your birthday.

As I was saying I’ve been buying different things I might need and I went a little overboard because I’m only going for 5 days and I have way to many cloths for a place I will be in my bathing suit 95% of the time. So what I’ve been telling myself to feel better is that I could use these cloths for the summer so don’t worry. Yup it’s been working pretty well so far.

Well that’s all I have for now I shall be back in two weeks.

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( I wonder if I’ll meet my future husband on this trip and have a super romantical long distant relationship because he’ll be from some magical place in Europe and we’re going to have a hard time in the beginning and break up because it’s too stressful being apart all the time until he surprises me 2 months later telling me how much he loves me and that we can make it work because we’re meant to be and we live happily ever after in his far away kingdom with 2 sets of twins our first twins would be a boy and a girl and our second would be boys and it will all be amazing… But no pressure or anything for this trip.)