Where Do The Stairs Lead?

This is the first time I’ve ever based a whole post off the title. After reading said title you might be thinking this is going to turn into some inspirational speech about never giving up or taking one step at a time or trying to work your way up (insert inspirational words that have to do with stairs), BUUUUUT it has nothing to do with that. This is actually a rant about several sets of stairs I’ve seen. I have taken a pictures of these stairs so everyone can understand the confusion and quite honestly some anger because of said confusion. This might not be the best picture I could’ve taken… all I can say is that I was driving to work and I wasn’t trying to get beeped at by morning commuters for me to get a better picture SO DEAL WITH IT!!! I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to yell, just thinking about these stairs anger my soul.

Now that you’ve seen the stairs… WHERE DO THE STAIRS FUCKING LEAD? NO WHERE!! I don’t know if they are just there for decoration or if they are waiting till fucking pigs fly to continue the stairs to the sidewalk!! I DON’T KNOW!! No one can use the stairs, it’s not like that little patch of grass can do anything! You can’t garden there you can’t do anything there! I just don’t understand. Like is it the front of the houses I’m looking at or is it a backyard of fucking danger!! What were they thinking! And the house that these stairs belong to are beautiful, but why not finish the stairs. I just don’t understand. Now I’m all angry and I shouldn’t go to bed angry…or does that only apply to couples who live together, well know I’m angry and lonely isn’t that a great depressing combo. I say good day!
Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( I might also be angry because there is a huge possibility that the no Cheese experiment might have worked and I could possibly be lactose intolerant… isn’t that great!!! Right before the fucking holidays! All this delicious cheesy foods *sigh*)

Not The Cheese, Anything But The Cheese!!

I have found out some terrible news I’m lactose intolerant… ok soooo technically I haven’t been to a doctor and tested and all that good shit, but I webMDed my symptoms and it points to lactose intolerance so I self diagnosed myself which by Google standards says it’s something that is self diagnosable. Anywho for those that don’t understand why this makes me sad let me let you in on a little secret, I LOVE CHEEEESE, all kinds of cheese and I love ice cream and chocolate milk! I have never had this problem before. My body was perfectly capable of digesting lactose and then BAM!!! Out of no where I’m having stomach pains and my tum tum is making weird noises, and I am very well acquainted with my bathroom and my work bathrooms walls (if you know what I mean), AND all these things happen when I have any dairy based foods! I am the saddest panda!! 

This week I’m going to prove that I am either lactose intolerant or I just have some fucked up stomach issues that might need actual medical attention. Obviously I’m not going to do the smart and sensible thing and go to the doctor, what fun would that be. Basically what I will be doing this week is cutting out all dairy products ( meaning cheese because that is the love of my life) to see if I stop having these symptoms. On top of it all my mom decides to make this pasta with a milk/cream based sauce(if you were wondering I’m writing this to you live from my bathroom… sorry that was uncalled for you didn’t need to know this, but I don’t care welcome to my life!). As I was saying that means no left overs for me. 
Well I shall let thee know how my experiment goes. Toodles!! 
Love Ya from the Moon and Back,

Emily (Saddest Panda)

P.S. Yes that’s me as a (hot and sweaty ass) panda for Halloween!!!