Reunited and It Feels So Good!!

Some pretty amazing things happened this weekend. Well first off I got to see my sister. Which I haven’t seen in I would say over 10 years. Oh my word Emily, what do you mean you haven’t seen your sister in over 10 years? That was how I feel everyone reacted to my little announcement. Anyway there’s no crazy scandalous reason, I wish there was though I feel it would make for a great Telanovela (Soap Opera), as I was saying I haven’t seen her because she lives in Puerto Rico. So you can understand why it’s been difficult for my brother and I to see her more often.

Now the best part, you know not that seeing my sister was great… But I finally got to meet my two beautiful nieces!!!! I don’t know about my brother, but I’m freaking obsessed with these two girls! The eldest one is 5 and my brother says she reminds him of me, because when I was her age I was running around like a crazy person just like her. For me she reminds me of Papa Moon , because this little girl has this mean stank face that is identical to my Daddios, but she is the freaking cutest thing ever! The younger one is 3, and she so much like my brother it’s kind of freaking. She’s really chill and just goes along with what her big sister does, just like my brother… Well not the following his sister around, but he was the calm one between us two, and the freakiest thing is she looks a little like him too. If I were to get one of my brother baby pictures and put long hair in him they would look identical.

The craziest thing about this is that I freaking love these two girls soooo much and I just met them. I now understand how love at first sight works, because these little nuggets, my little nieces have captured my heart and already have me wrapped around their little fingers. I just spent a good hour letting the older one (my mini me) paint my nails, aka my whole finger, with bright pink nail polish! I think she did a fabulous job! Well, that’s all I have for today.

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( I gotta go shop for some amazing things for my little nuggets, so they can love me more than my brother)

Ps. They called me Tia (aunt) today, and inside I sobbed and did my happy dance at the same time… BEST. DAY. EVER!

Happy Birthday Titz!!

Today’s my aunts birthday… For those of you that don’t know my aunt passed away a couple of months ago. So in honor of her memory I wanted to write about her and some of the funny stuff we used to do.

One of our favorite things to do was go to this buffet, called rainbows, on Wednesday because it was CRAB LEG DAY!!! When I tell you we went in on those crab legs…WE. WENT. IN! The second they would bring out fresh crab legs my aunt would be like “Mimi GO!” We had this down to a science! Even if we still had food, one of us would still get up and bring a plate full to the point of toppling over! We even started to recruit a couple of my friends so we would have more hands to bring more plates of Crab Legs. I was afraid that one day they would have a picture of us in the front banning us forever!

Another thing we loved to do was watch this show called Man vs Wild on animal planet! It was the funniest show ever! This Australian guy would go out in the wild and teach us regular people how to survive in different climates and all that good stuff. You know just in case you wander off into the desert or Amazon or whatever. It was some helpful stuff. In one episode the guy was looking for edible berries and her bends down picks up this little pebble looking thing smells it and then takes a nibble out of it. This dude looks right into the camera (with his thick Australian accent) and says “Animal Poo.” Me and Titz could not stop laughing this mofo just ate some random animals shit. It was the funniest thing we’ve ever seen. From that day on we would randomly call each other and just say Animal Poo with our horrible Australian accents!
Man my aunt was my freaking partner in crime. When I was in high school my parents had a strict 10pm curfew for me; it didn’t matter of it was a school night or not… My ass had to be home a 10. Obviously then I thought that they were being inconsiderate, mean, way to strict, ruining my life… You know all those melodramatic teenage girl things. Of course now I understand where my parents were coming from. Shit is crazy out there especially for a 14-18 year old. Yeah my curfew didn’t end until I moved to Connecticut for school. Any way at that age you don’t care about any of the stuff your parents are telling you. So every once and a while I would sleepover my aunts house and she would let me stay out till midnight and for a 17/18 year old ,that was on lockdown, ( I’m locked up they won’t let me out… They won’t let me out) that was GOLD!!!
My favorite thing about my aunt though was that she was always there for me when ever I needed her. There were times where I needed to talk to someone and she would be there to listen no matter how stupid or what stupid thing I did, she was always there. No matter what she would drop everything for me, and that’s what I missed the most. Just knowing that she always had my back. Like times when I would be upset she would call me and be like “Mimi, come pick me up you little bitch, so we can go to the Coach House and make fun of people.” Coach House is a diner that she was obsessed with because of the salad bar.
My aunt was and still is one of the loudest, sarcastic, funniest, amazeballz person I’ve ever know!
I Love You from the Heavens and back,
Mimi ( I know your probably looking down at me right know making fun of my yellow hair… I still love you!!! And I miss you!)