Did You Know Audiobooks Are Magical?!

I’m super into audiobooks right now. Don’t get me wrong I still love to hold a book in my hands and immerse myself into a new reality for a while (because clearly my life is nothing like a book and there’s no happily ever after in my near future… and I also love the smell of a book don’t judge me), but when I’m at work I can’t do that. Sooooo my next best option is audiobooks!!! Today I found myself thinking… ooo I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow so I can start a new book. I’ve never thought that about work in my life. Even though I love me some audiobooks I do have some improvements that I think would make the listening experience super magical!!! Of course this shall be in list form… and I shall name it Some Improvements That Would Make Audiobooks SUPER Magical! (I’m sooooo good at making up titles)

1. All books should come with a warning that you might cry. Last week I had to catch myself before I started bawling. Audiobook makers I’m at work let a home slice know that tears might be in the near future!!

2. The samples they give you should include the synopsis as well not just jump right into the story without letting me know what I’m getting myself into.

3. Some books have a man and a woman reading… which are my favorites! Some of these guys voices are delicious… any way in chapters that only a man is narrating or a woman is there is some dialogue that is from the opposite sex, and the person narrating that chapter imitates that person speaking, but I believe if there is dialogue for a woman or man during the chapter that’s narrated by the opposite sex the actor or actress should jump in and be their character even if it’s not their chapter. I think it would make the story flow and sound better. I know I probably explained that horribly wrong but it made sense in my head so it’s gonna stay like that.

Ta ta for now!

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,Emily (I know what you’re thinking, yes I want to be one of those people that narrates novels… I have been told that I have a beautiful speaking voice!)

Let me know what your thinking

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