Is My Right Side My Good Side?

So this week has been super interesting. So many things happened to me I don’t even know where to start. 

I’m lying nothing happened this week. Ok well maybe two somewhat eventful things happened to me. The first thing is I had a root canal done this past Wednesday, and let me tell you the things you think of when someone is all up in your grill and you can’t speak is pretty interesting. 

A couple of thoughts popped into my head, but I don’t remember them all…I couldn’t write them down as it happened because my tooth was being shaved down and dental tools that look like push pins were being jabbed into my tooth chamber or maybe it was root chamber idk I’m pretty sure I heard the dentist say something like that or I could’ve just made it up… honestly who knows at this point. In other words I wasn’t able to move or I might’ve lost the left side of my face. 

There were about four things that I remember thinking during my tooth surgery and they go a little something like this:

1. Sir Dentist you should have a little camera attached to your head light thing and the office should have a tv on the ceiling so you can stream everything to the tv so I can watch what’s going on because I’m extremely bored just laying here while you drill into my tooth homeboy.

2. I wonder if those push pin looking things are his version of a scalpel. (I also imagined him saying to his helper “let’s save some teeth today” you know a dentist version of Dr. McDreamy aka Dr. Shepard aka Patrick Dempsey from Greys Anatomy little saying he would say before he started some very elaborate brain surgery).

3. I wish people were telepathic so I could ask Dr Dentist (I clearly do not know the mans name that was all up in my mouth… hehehe that sounds so dirty) about the root canal. Like why isn’t your helper using her suction thing to get the saliva that is currently congregating in the back of my throat and about to drown me? And also why did you become a dentist this is horrible? And also do I have any boogies in my nose I don’t remember if I cleaned it out before I came here, but I did make sure to brush my teeth so you wouldn’t smell the everything bagel I had for lunch today.

4. I hope my mom didn’t order food without me I’m super hungry.
4 1/2. I’m gonna get soup from the Chinese place on the corner.

5. I wonder how long all the anesthesia Senor (Sir) Dentista injected into my gums is going to last. I’m not even sure I have a left side to my face anymore… I don’t feel it.

6. I wonder how I’ll look with half a face. Would I be like two face… no he has two different looking faces. I would just have my right side. I would look like those stone sculptures. Is my right side my good side. I hope so because I don’t think I have a left side anymore.

Ok I might’ve remembered more than 4. Well there you have it… that was a little snippet of what goes on in my head. Just imagine how much more nonsense and sense sense I was making in my head.
Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( the second thing that happened was that I went to the birthday celebration keg party of Frover and Frenemy last night… but I’ll save that for another time)

Let me know what your thinking

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