It’s Oscar Night!

In preparation for the Academy Awards Indigo, Royal Blue, another friend ( I haven’t decided what to name him yet) and myself were suppose to watch the movies that were nominated for Best Picture. We did have well over a month to watch all nine movies, buuuuuuut I’m not a procrastinator for nothing. Of course I waited until this last week to get those movies in. Mind you I had only watched two of those nine movies prior to this last week. So basically I had to get my movie watching on. Just to cut out all of that suspense you must be in. I’ll just tell you now, no I did not watch them all and it wasn’t for lack of trying. 

Let me tell you what happened. I only had two movies left to watch before tonight. I attempted one of the two yesterday morning and fell sleep about 20mins in. All I remember seeing was a garbage truck and then credits. I’m not saying this movie was bad by any means. It might’ve just been the fact that I watched  it at around 7 in the morning and was just probably tired. I decided since I fell sleep during that movie I wasn’t going to watch it again… I’ve lost my chance. For that other movie I didn’t see… it just didn’t attract my attention. If a movie I actually wanted to see had me asleep within 20mins, why would I put myself through a movie that I could care less about. Anywho here are my predictions:

And the Oscar goes to ( or is it and the Academy Award goes to… I’m not really sure which one they use I think it’s the Oscar one… I wonder why they call it an Oscar, maybe I should look it up)…

Best Picture: Lion

Best Actor: Andrew Garfield (Hacksaw Ridge)

Best Actress: Emma Stone (La La Land)

Best Animated Film: Moana (absolutely love this movie!)

Best Supporting Actor: Dev Patel (Lion) (also wouldn’t mind if he were my future baby daddy… hey Dev call me 🤙🏽😘)

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures)

 There you have it!! I’m actually very excited about the Oscars this year because I have invested a lot of time watching these movies, but most importantly I’ve invested a lot of tears as well. It’s been a freaking emotional roller coaster! Also I might’ve slightly fallen in love with Dev Patel ( Hey Dev … Sup 😘).

Till next time.

Love ya From the Moon and Back,
Mrs. Emily Patel… I mean Emily ( this might actually be the first time I’m watching the Oscars all the way through)