What’s In My Closet?!

Guys every muscle in my body hurts… wait! Hold your applause; I know you probably think that I was working out or some nonsense like that, but I was not. “Why are you so sore then Emily?” Well I’m glad you asked. Yesterday I started a journey that I thought would take me about 3 hours or so, but I was sadly and painfully mistaken. This magically journey I speak of is cleaning my room. I really over estimated my cleaning abilities and extremely under estimated how f🌙cking messy my room actually was. 

You see I had an epiphany a couple of days ago that I should clean my closet and see what’s actually inside there because I haven’t seen the inside of my closet in over 2 years. In the previous times I’ve cleaned my room my closet was the go to, I would just shove everything in there and never speak of it to anyone. While I was thinking about cleaning out my closet I also had the bright idea to rearrange my room because I’m extremely bored at how it looks. So I started this quest yesterday (Saturday February 4th) at around 10am and we are here on Super Bowl Sunday (February 5th) and my f🌙cking room is still a work in progress. When I slid open those closet doors it felt like every life form flew out at me…it was like that stampede scene from Jumanji… I almost got suffocated by my own crap! 

While rummaging through ,what felt like Mary Poppins purse, I found so many cloths I forgot I had it was like a mixture of the best Christmas ever/ my own personal hell because as you may or may not know I am super lazy.

Well any who while my room is still under construction I shan’t take a picture, but once I am finished (or once it’s less messy) I shall show you my room! 

Well I’m off to watch the Super Bowl!
Love Ya From the Moon and Back,
Emily (I’m only watching the game because I’m in this pool at work and I want to see if I win some mula!)

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