What is Flushable?

After reading the title of this post some of you must be thinking… what words of wisdom is Emily going to give us today, and the rest of you are probably thinking “what the f🌙ck is she talking about now?”

Well I’m glad you asked… so a couple of weeks ago the little flushing handle thing broke in my toilet. So you can get a better visual we had to lift the top lid on the toilet and manually pull the other thing (I’m sorry I don’t know the proper terms) that flushes the stuff. Because I am hands down the laziest person I know I started thinking “what is flushable”. Well for me apparently everything is, which sucks because I was flushing other people’s( and when I say other I mean the males that live in my house) pee. It’s not fair that I had to f🌙cking lift that thing every time. I have to use toilet paper every bathroom visit. Anywho so that’s the real reason behind the title, nothing inspirational.

On to something slightly different from bathroom etiquette, and I say slightly just because this person that might or might not be the President of the United States ( ugh it’s nauseating just thinking about it) is a piece of crapola/poo/shite (I like the way the Brits spell it). I can’t believe what this mofo has done in the f🌙cking week he’s been in office! Does he not understand that our country is built off of immigrants. I don’t know what history classes he was in, but all of us BUT the Native Americans are descended from immigrants. This guys is f🌙cking ridiculous. BUT, I am still proud to call my self American because of what my fellow Americans have been doing.. standing together fighting for what is right for all those who call the United States of America their home. That is the definition of being American. 

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,

Emily ( professional flusher!)

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