I Don’t Want This To Be My Life!

In my 27 years of life…okay okay I’m actually 26 but once the New Year comes I actively start saying the age I’m going to be so that my brain gets used to it and by the time my birthday actually does come around I’m already a pro at saying my age. I started doing this because BAM the next thing I know it’s September and I’m telling people I’m 21 when in actuality I’m 27 nah mean jelly bean I know I didn’t explain that correctly but I’m not going to delete everything I just typed. 

As I was saying in my almost 27 years of life ( Jesus!, that hurts to say. I’m gonna be f🌙cking 27… ooo if you were wondering my birthday in on April 21st just in case my present is super extravagant and needs time to be shipped to me) I’ve finally accepted that I’m not one for repetition. I need change, I need to be on the move, I need something different everyday. I think that’s why I excel when starting something new. It’s the excitement of learning something. I wish that translated through my academic career but NOPE my brain was like bitch we like learning FUN new things. Well I guess starting a new job isn’t really fun but it’s a necessity that makes me Awesomeballz at what I’m doing, but after a couple of months I fall into this slump and become very veeeeeery bored! I know you’re wondering where the f🌙ck did this insightful sh🌙t come from…. well I was sitting at my desk at work and stopped what I was doing looked around the office and in my head I thought “F🌙CK!, I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life. I don’t want this to be my life!”. So I picked up my phone and started typing this out because I didn’t want to forget (because I have an awful memory) and then I went back to work, because I needs to pay bills and all that sh🌙t that sucks the fun out of everything.

Well that’s all I have for today I must go back to watching Shameless.

Love Ya From the Moon and Back,

Emily (in case you were wondering “why the f🌙ck is there a moon emoji in between the curse words? Or if your also like “why can’t I see said emoji?”  I’ve decided to make it a fun little game and when ever there is an emoji in place of a letter or word you can decided which ever curse word you like. For those who might not be able to see the moon emoji it’s because you don’t have an IPhone and can’t experience the magic of our emojis so sorry.)

Let me know what your thinking

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