Happy New Year!!!

I have a new motto for the new year! You know how people say New Year, New Me… well mine is a little different and it goes a little something like this. New Year, Same me with possible improvements, mmmm probably not. I know this sounds so negative but give me a chance to explain myself sheesh!

I have goals set for the New Year for my self personally and professionally. For instance, I want to better myself by living a healthier life and all that good shit. BUUUUTTT, I also want to be less lazy and experience life more and I don’t just mean by doing extravagant things or traveling I just mean, say yes more and actually follow through. I have a perfect example of what I’m talking about please see conversation below for reference. (This conversation started with me asking Royal Blue and Indigo what they were doing that night and Royal Blue and I decided that we were going to have a Vino Viernes… because it was Friday on Christmas Eve Eve when this convo went down and we both wanted Vino, you get the point… so this is what transpired about 2 hours after we decided what we were gonna do. If you don’t know how iMessage works I am the blue text bubble)
See what I mean that is something I want to improve. I don’t want to have questionable commitment ( ok well not all the time, like sometimes you just need to be less committed). We ended up not hanging out that weekend but we did get together this last Friday on New Years Eve Eve and had a little too much to drink but I have to say it was one of the best nights I’ve had in a while and even though I had a pretty bad hangover I’m glad we did it. Royal Blue and I decided that come 2017 we will live our lives, we will do more things and just get out there because we’ve both experienced loss in our lives within the past 2 years and we feel like we really need to just be, and find ourselves even though I know that sounds so cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason!

Even though I want to do more things this year I still have my little pessimist on my shoulder telling me not to get ahead of myself, which is the reason for my new motto. Yes I want to make changes, but they might not happen, BUUUUT IF THEY DO then it’s a win win either way! I know you’re probably judging the shit out of me, BUUUUT I don’t care!!
Well Ta Ta for now!
Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily🌙 ( I hope everyone has a magical New Year!!!)

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