What is Flushable?

After reading the title of this post some of you must be thinking… what words of wisdom is Emily going to give us today, and the rest of you are probably thinking “what the f🌙ck is she talking about now?”

Well I’m glad you asked… so a couple of weeks ago the little flushing handle thing broke in my toilet. So you can get a better visual we had to lift the top lid on the toilet and manually pull the other thing (I’m sorry I don’t know the proper terms) that flushes the stuff. Because I am hands down the laziest person I know I started thinking “what is flushable”. Well for me apparently everything is, which sucks because I was flushing other people’s( and when I say other I mean the males that live in my house) pee. It’s not fair that I had to f🌙cking lift that thing every time. I have to use toilet paper every bathroom visit. Anywho so that’s the real reason behind the title, nothing inspirational.

On to something slightly different from bathroom etiquette, and I say slightly just because this person that might or might not be the President of the United States ( ugh it’s nauseating just thinking about it) is a piece of crapola/poo/shite (I like the way the Brits spell it). I can’t believe what this mofo has done in the f🌙cking week he’s been in office! Does he not understand that our country is built off of immigrants. I don’t know what history classes he was in, but all of us BUT the Native Americans are descended from immigrants. This guys is f🌙cking ridiculous. BUT, I am still proud to call my self American because of what my fellow Americans have been doing.. standing together fighting for what is right for all those who call the United States of America their home. That is the definition of being American. 

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,

Emily ( professional flusher!)

Women’s March!

Although I wasn’t able to attend the Women’s March yesterday, I was still able to live it through the videos and photos that my friends and others posted on social media. And let me tell you that was the most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen! The sheer amount of people that participated and came together for this cause not only in our country but around the world was amazing! There were two speeches that I saw yesterday that had me incredibly emotional and I know this is going to sound cheesy but I don’t care..they also both deeply moved my soul. These speeches were by America Ferrera and Ashley Judd, I recommend watching them because it was magical!!!

Even though this March was so beautiful and so incredibly inspiring… it’s a little sad that things like this are still happening in this day and age. Why is it that in 2017 there isn’t equality for EVERY PERSON!! No matter what your sex is or your sexual orientation, the color of your skin, your religious beliefs or the fact that you believe in your heart, soul and mind that the body you were born with is not your true self… should not change the fact that we ALL deserve human rights and equality! I hope that one day human rights and equality for ALL come to fruition.

Love You ALL from the Moon and Back,


Blogging 101 (Emily’s Way)

First things first I find my self f🌙cking hilarious! I’ve been playing around with this SnapChat filter, and I keep cracking myself up.

Now on to the topic at hand. A couple of people have asked me how I come up with stuff to write about and I guess my process… idk people just being nosey as hell (jk jk not really but sorta). Well I shall let you all in on a little secret. I usually have absolutely no clue what I’ll be posting on Sundays. I literally type up most of the posts while I’m in/on the loo (for those that don’t understand British… that means bathroom/toilet). I know you must be wondering is she in the bathroom while she’s typing this? Yes, yes I am. I do my best thinking in the bathroom and I figured it’s better spent typing my blog than playing some game that will eventually piss me off.

For those rare occasions (like tonight) that I actually have an idea of what I want to write, I have a list of points (for reference please see following two photos: 1st photo is my typed version for those times I’m either at a red light or stuck in traffic or maybe when it’s not Sunday yet and I’m sitting on the toilet and a magical thought comes to mind and I know with the memory I have I’ll forget in the next .05 seconds if I don’t type it somewhere. 2nd photo is for those times where I’m driving or walking because I can’t multitask like normal people. My brain can’t compute typing and walking without tripping or bumping or getting hit by car at the same time, and also for those times when my lazy really kicks into high gear and I don’t want to type.)
So my advice to those that are thinking of starting a blog (or really just want to know how I come up with my genius) just do it!!! Write about whatever you want! But most importantly do it in the bathroom because no one will bother you while your writing.

Love Ya From The Moon and Back,
Emily ( also if you’re super anal and need to follow a set of rules… well you’ve come to the wrong place.)

I Don’t Want This To Be My Life!

In my 27 years of life…okay okay I’m actually 26 but once the New Year comes I actively start saying the age I’m going to be so that my brain gets used to it and by the time my birthday actually does come around I’m already a pro at saying my age. I started doing this because BAM the next thing I know it’s September and I’m telling people I’m 21 when in actuality I’m 27 nah mean jelly bean I know I didn’t explain that correctly but I’m not going to delete everything I just typed. 

As I was saying in my almost 27 years of life ( Jesus!, that hurts to say. I’m gonna be f🌙cking 27… ooo if you were wondering my birthday in on April 21st just in case my present is super extravagant and needs time to be shipped to me) I’ve finally accepted that I’m not one for repetition. I need change, I need to be on the move, I need something different everyday. I think that’s why I excel when starting something new. It’s the excitement of learning something. I wish that translated through my academic career but NOPE my brain was like bitch we like learning FUN new things. Well I guess starting a new job isn’t really fun but it’s a necessity that makes me Awesomeballz at what I’m doing, but after a couple of months I fall into this slump and become very veeeeeery bored! I know you’re wondering where the f🌙ck did this insightful sh🌙t come from…. well I was sitting at my desk at work and stopped what I was doing looked around the office and in my head I thought “F🌙CK!, I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life. I don’t want this to be my life!”. So I picked up my phone and started typing this out because I didn’t want to forget (because I have an awful memory) and then I went back to work, because I needs to pay bills and all that sh🌙t that sucks the fun out of everything.

Well that’s all I have for today I must go back to watching Shameless.

Love Ya From the Moon and Back,

Emily (in case you were wondering “why the f🌙ck is there a moon emoji in between the curse words? Or if your also like “why can’t I see said emoji?”  I’ve decided to make it a fun little game and when ever there is an emoji in place of a letter or word you can decided which ever curse word you like. For those who might not be able to see the moon emoji it’s because you don’t have an IPhone and can’t experience the magic of our emojis so sorry.)

Happy New Year!!!

I have a new motto for the new year! You know how people say New Year, New Me… well mine is a little different and it goes a little something like this. New Year, Same me with possible improvements, mmmm probably not. I know this sounds so negative but give me a chance to explain myself sheesh!

I have goals set for the New Year for my self personally and professionally. For instance, I want to better myself by living a healthier life and all that good shit. BUUUUTTT, I also want to be less lazy and experience life more and I don’t just mean by doing extravagant things or traveling I just mean, say yes more and actually follow through. I have a perfect example of what I’m talking about please see conversation below for reference. (This conversation started with me asking Royal Blue and Indigo what they were doing that night and Royal Blue and I decided that we were going to have a Vino Viernes… because it was Friday on Christmas Eve Eve when this convo went down and we both wanted Vino, you get the point… so this is what transpired about 2 hours after we decided what we were gonna do. If you don’t know how iMessage works I am the blue text bubble)
See what I mean that is something I want to improve. I don’t want to have questionable commitment ( ok well not all the time, like sometimes you just need to be less committed). We ended up not hanging out that weekend but we did get together this last Friday on New Years Eve Eve and had a little too much to drink but I have to say it was one of the best nights I’ve had in a while and even though I had a pretty bad hangover I’m glad we did it. Royal Blue and I decided that come 2017 we will live our lives, we will do more things and just get out there because we’ve both experienced loss in our lives within the past 2 years and we feel like we really need to just be, and find ourselves even though I know that sounds so cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason!

Even though I want to do more things this year I still have my little pessimist on my shoulder telling me not to get ahead of myself, which is the reason for my new motto. Yes I want to make changes, but they might not happen, BUUUUT IF THEY DO then it’s a win win either way! I know you’re probably judging the shit out of me, BUUUUT I don’t care!!
Well Ta Ta for now!
Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily🌙 ( I hope everyone has a magical New Year!!!)