Four Course Meal!! And Some Dessert!

I’ve finally done something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time! I had my first FOUR course meal and it was just as freaking magical as I thought it would be! “But Emily where and how did you get this magnificent dinner? Did you go on a date with a super fancy Doctor…Lawyer…Super Rich Guy… Derek Jeter?” You ask. Weeeeeellll no it wasn’t a date but I’m flattered you think it was any of those four options. How I had this magical journey of food was through my jobs Christmas Dinner! I was living the fancy life on Friday night people!!!

My night started off like this… I walked into this beautiful restaurant called Grissini. As my coworkers and I walked through the restaurant towards our seating area our nostrils were basking in all the wonderfully delicious smells. When we got to our reserved room we saw the beauty that awaited us. Looking around I noticed names situated on different tables and as I walked through the room I found my name beautifully printed in black (please see picture below as reference). As I sat in my seat I noticed the menu on my plate (also see same picture below as reference) and the page was filled with such deliciousness. While I sat talking to my coworkers a waiter came and asked us what we would like to drink (thank god he started at the other end of my table because once I heard people ordering alcoholic beverages I was like HELL YES!! If he would’ve started with me I would’ve just gotten water and what a waste of free alcohol that would’ve been). I told our waiter, Michael Angelo (might or might not be his real name… or maybe just one of those names is his real name… you shall never know!! Bwuhahahaha) that I’ll have a glass of… Riesling (I know fancy as fuck right). As the night progressed and meal after meal was placed in front of me I thought to myself… DAAAAYUMMM I need to do this shit more often. 

And that is how I Emily had my fanciest moment thus far… hopefully there’s some more fancy coming my way… nah mean!

The End.

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( I now know how people can do multiple courses… the food comes in rather small portions… but I’d still do that shit again!)

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