To Vote or Not To Vote?

Before I get into what I wanted to talk about I just wanted to tell you a little story. 

A couple of days ago (Thursday just in case you were wondering what day I don’t want anyone distracted from my story thinking the whole time… “gosh darn it what day Emily, What day? Don’t leave me in this kind of suspense”… so for all you Curious George’s (and when I say George I don’t mean people specifically named George… I’m just referring to the little monkey in the yellow raincoat and hat) out there… it was this past Thursday).

So as I was saying a couple of days ago I went to Sista from anotha Mista’s( I honestly don’t remember how I originally spelled her name so it could also be Sister from another Mister) house because we watch Greys and I also go to spend time with my Nephew and Niece (and yes I consider myself their aunt because as her name clearly states we be sisters! In conclusion I am their aunt… so stop questioning me.. gosh!). Anywho as we were watching tv my niece was sitting on my lap and going through the pictures on my phone (don’t worry it was totally PG stuff… I always delete the naughty pics… which I should really go through my recently deleted folder). As my niece (lets call her Charlotte) was going through my pics she found photos of herself and her brother (lets call him Emilio), and her reactions were the cutest ever I just wanted to eat her little nugget face. Then she landed ( or I might’ve showed her) a picture of Derek Jeter ( don’t judge me I’m sure I had that photo there because I was just telling someone how much I love him or some other totally logical reason) while she kept looking at it I told her that that was her Tio (uncle) and she believed me and now for the rest of her life she’ll believe that her Tia (aunt) Emily is married to Tio Derek Jeter… well until her mother spoils that dream for me because she’s not the biggest Derek Jeter fan, but I will continue to show Charlotte that picture of Jeter and continuously remind her that he is her Tio. 

Now on to what I wanted to write about. Throughout this presidential race people have asked me who I was voting for, and to be completely honestly I had no clue until a couple of days ago. I feel like I didn’t know enough about what was going on to make an educated decision, and actually I still don’t. I know, I know that’s horrible I should know what’s going on not only in the world, but especially what’s going on in my country. 

Because I don’t know what each candidate represents other than the more outrageous things that certain candidates have said and done, I decided to base my vote off of common sense. I feel between these two candidates I’m going to vote for the the one who has experience in politics, someone who’s actually been in situations where tough decisions needed to be made for our country. Being the President of the United States is like any other job… first you start off as an intern and then work your ass off to get to that top position and learn everything you possibly can along the way. So based off that alone I know exactly who I’m voting for. I’m voting for the candidate who worked her way through the political latter to get to where she is today. 
Love Ya from the Moon and Back,

Emily ( I already know that Derek Jeter is married, but I don’t care I will always love him!)

Let me know what your thinking

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