Pros And Cons Of Being A Lady!

So I started thinking of pros and cons for this topic last week, and I only came up with 3 pros (which I thought of today so this should be fun) and a shit load of cons. So lets get this party started on a sunday (I know it should be saturday but for todays purpose it shall be sunday) night …even though I miss Pink from the 2000’s; I can’t lie I still like this song. Of course this will be in my beloved list form:


1. Cloths, Shoes, Jewelry and of course Purses

2. Getting Mani and Pedis… LOVE!

3. Getting to eat anything you want when you’re on your period or even when you’re pregnant, so you can blame it on either one and no one can judge you.


1. Lets Start of with one of the three P’s. PAIN (we have to go through so much freaking pain at least once a month or during freaking giving birth! WTF)

2. Periods or if you’d like to be more technical Menstrual Cycle ( I just got over this one a couple of days ago so I’d rather not talk about it).

3. Now for the big P… Pregnancy. I know its suppose to be the most beautiful thing and then the whole miracle of life and all that good stuff, but honestly if there wasn’t nausea and the freaking pain of child birth then I’d put it on the Pro side.

4. Shaving. I just got out of an hour shower because I was shaving my freaking life away, because I must take VAnessa GINA to the doctor tomorrow. Ok the whole shaving might/could possibly be partly my fault; I let my legs turn legs turn into animals, but come on I’m done with this shaving shit!

5. Waxing. Why can’t I  just live my life as a hairy beast, why do I put myself through the torture of getting hair fucking ripped off my face and other areas (even though I’m way to scared of the pain to put my poor Vanessa Gina through that).

 There are way more cons than this buuuuuut I didn’t want this to turn into a long winded whine feast. So that’s all folks.

 Love Ya from the Moon and Back,

Emily (I don’t really mind being a lady I’ve had 26 years to get used to it