WTF, There’s another Zodiac Sign?

Helloooooo October!!! Helloooo Fall aka the second best season of the year (obviously after spring because hellur that’s the season that saw the birth of the most Awesomeballz Lady in all the Universes… NO it’s not Queen Elizabeth even though she could be 3rd on the list because we share the same birthday… but who I was referring to earlier was wait for it… ME!!!!!!). Wow that was probably the longest one I’ve ever done!! Good job Em! Anywho I was just came by to say Hi and also write about this nonsense of a new Zodiac sign that I’ve been hearing about!
So I first heard of this phenomenon from my coworkers some time last week I think ( honestly days just kind of blur into one another so I’m never sure what day is what… well aside from today because I know I go back to work tomorrow. Sucks!). So this new sign messes up the whole line up man! Apparently the sign has been around for ever but people just over looked homeboy! By the way homeboys name is Ophiuchus (pronounced oh-fuck-us…HAAA! ok that’s not how the pronunciation is spelled, But it does sound similar). Couldn’t they give the 13th sign a better name something easier to spell and say!
So basically with this 13th sign all the Zodiac signs we’ve been for all our lives has been changed!!!! Hell NAH!!! I’ve been a Taurus for 26 years and that shit is not going to change!!! Buuuuut with Oh-Fuck-Us always having been around it makes sense why those so called “lucky numbers” never gave me any luck! You know what though I don’t care I refuse to be a freaking Aries(no offense to Aries people but Taurus for life!). I have come up with a solution if they really want to use this new sign (that’s been around as long as the other 12 signs but just ignored, awww poor Oh-Fuck-Us) they can start the new 13 Zodiacs with the new generation of baby nuggets. That way we who have had our signs for life can stay with our beloved signs.
Love Ya from the Moon and Back,