“The Saddest Day Of My Life”

“The saddest day of my life, is when you left me with a broken heart I was feeling the pain, the pain, the PAIN” ; you might be asking yourself ” Emily why are you singing this song “Saddest Day” by Wayne Wonder and from what Google is telling me Foxy Brown? Well guys I’m super sad that’s why I’m singing it. One of my sluttos ( male version of slutties, which is what I call my group of friends) has moved away to another state people call Texas! Fucking Texas man!! That’s far as fuck! I’ve been friends with this mofo since grammar school people!!! This mofo has been in my life since before I knew what boxed hair dye was (this is the first thing I could think of because I’m about to dye my hair).

To say goodbye to our friend we had a going away party on Friday, and it was Texas/Country themed! Basically we dressed up like how we think people from Texas dress. You know jeans, some plaid, some boots, and some plastic Cowboy hats. We ( when I say we I mean Frover and I) tried to speak with a southern accent, it went well for about 5 mins… But then my mind automatically started talking with a British accent. So basically I stopped. It was a successful party we drank, made fun of each other, played beer pong, had some delicious motherFing Jell-O shots, talked shit about other people that were in other rooms of the house ( mainly a certain somebody that was brought to said party and introduced as a girlfriend of my Texas Bound besties brother that didn’t want to participate in our picture taking… Well not me because I rarely take pictures but my slutties were taking pictures and home girl turned her face… HOW RUDE!!), had a cowboy boot shaped piñata with sex related things stuffed inside…

imageBasically some good ole fun with some crazy people and that one girlfriend of my Texas Bound besties brother that didn’t want to take pictures. We had a blasty blast. It was the perfect way for us to say goodbye to our friend! Well that’s all I got for today!

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( to my Texas Bound Bestfriend since grammar school (even though I don’t think you read this)… I’m going to miss you like crazy… I hope for the very best for you and I freaking LOVE YOU MOFO!! Just remember that I’m you’re number 1 bestie not Frenemy… Ok?… ME I’M YOUR BESTIE!)

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