The other day I heard someone…or I might’ve seen it in a movie or maybe I read it in a book, I don’t really remember. I get so into movies and TV shows and Books that sometimes I can’t tell if what I’m talking about really happened to me or the characters. That’s probably not a good thing. One this is for sure if it’s a very extravagant, exciting, elegant you know all those E words that have other letters after it, I know for sure it wasn’t my life… Sorry any way back to what I was saying.

So I heard a person/ or character ( just covering all my bases) say the word fantabulous, and I was shocked because I always thought that I made this word up. Come to find out someone else made up this word and it’s actually in a dictionary. So basically I have been the saddest panda ever since.

Anywho I want to say Happy Father’s Day to Papa Moon. He’s the best daddio EVER!!! I love you papi!!

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily (Sooo super exciting news…. I got a new job… Yay!!!!)