Crazy Doggy Mom!

OOO M YEEEZUS!! I’ve come to the conclusion that I can never have kids. Why you ask. Well last week my little nugget doggy daughter Taily was sick,and I had a freaking panic attack. We took her to the Vet for an emergency appointment and I was sitting there while they took her to the back holding back tears. TEARS people! The whole time I was wondering omg she’s probably super sad that she back there by herself, she probably hates me for bringing her here, she’s probably wishing we never made eye contact four years ago and fell in love because I left her by herself with the freaking Vet probing her and all things Vets do to puppy nuggets! Idk man I was freaking out.

The worst part though was when the Doctor came out to talk to me about what they found out and her treatment plan. This motherFing ass muncher decides to tell me worst case scenarios, like I’m not already shitting my pants. What a freaking jack ass!! Thank god my nugget is fine and just has to take some antibiotics and wear a cone on her head when no one is in the house.

So yea that’s why I can’t have a child. If I’m having a panic attack when my doggy daughter gets sick, what the hell kind of mess would I be with a real life human baby!! I would be a crazy mom sobbing uncontrollably because my son or daughter falls and scraps their knee. MOTHER I don’t know how you dealt with my crazy ass. I was practically coming home everyday with a new cut or bruise or freaking chichon (bump) on my head. Ooo gosh I need to stop thinking of my future children and the fact that they’re going to be such assholes just like I was. On that note I’m going to go cry in a corner now.

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( what are the chances my kids will be nice and not want to run around like demon children and fuck themselves up… That would be magical)