The Last Post!

This is the last post… Of 2015!!!! Ahhhhhh I can’t believe how fast this year went by. It’s crazy how when I was younger I felt like the year would just drag, and summer vacation would never come. Now it’s like you blink and boom your sitting in your room watching the Departed and wondering what the hell have you been doing with your life.

This year was the year where everyone I know was either having a kid, getting married, or on the verge of getting married. This weekend alone 3 people, one of them being my cousin, got engaged! The whole time while I’m looking at the pictures of the rings I’m thinking like are we really at that point in our lives where the people I went to high school with are getting engaged and married and having kids. Like people were still too young we have our whole lives ahead of us, and then I realize dude your like 25! Get your shit together!

Anyway on a different note, on Wednesday at work I was listening to Edith Piaf ( who is one of the best French Cabaret singers… One if her more popular songs is La Vie En Rose… Check it out. It’s beautiful) and while distracted by work related things I was like omg I understand French. I understood everything she was singing, and then I realized she was singing in English, and I silently judged myself. Well I’m off to finish watching the Departed! See ya.

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( Merry Late Christmas!!)

Ps. I got the cutest Puppy… Slippers ever, some socks, and blanket for Christmas and it was all glorious!!!

One thought on “The Last Post!

  1. Don’t rush it. I hope you find the love of yout life and keep him forever. It runs in our families

    I love to read your posts. someday I’ll tell you about the soundtracks of my life


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