Brain Farts Are The Worst!

So I’m here doggy sitting/ just keeping the little nugget company at Sluttie McSluttersons, and this little dog hasn’t stopped running around. So I’m watching tv while watching puppy nugget run around the coffee table and while I was changing the channel I found Bring It On. This is one of those movies no matter if I’ve seen it to the point that I can basically recite the movie/cheers/choreography word for word, I will forever stop and watch it… Even if it’s at the end.

Any way as I was saying as soon as I started watching the movie I noticed that puppy nugget stopped running around and sat down in front of the Tv and literally (must say in British accent) watched the movie with me. Me thinks he’s a Bring It On fan, and I approve. Now that the movie is over home boy is on a rampage again. OMG I just realized that Vince Vaughn is always eating in all his movies, and not just eating regular but stuffing his face… OOO Vince Vaughn you cracks me up.

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( I want to apologize for this shite of a post I’m currently having a brain fart!)

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