Vino Viernes 9/11 edition!

This morning when I turned on the radio Z100 was playing the national anthem, and on a regular day I always get goose bumps, but today I was pretty emotional and it just brought me back to probably the most frightening day I’ve ever experienced. Today 14 years ago I was in 5th grade when I looked out my classroom window and saw smoke coming out of the twin towers. I remember hearing my teachers say that planes crashed into the World Trade Center, at first I was pretty confused because I never knew that the twin towers was the World Trade Center I had always just referred to them as the Twin Towers. Anyway after that I just remember my name being called over the intercom because my aunt came to pick me and my cousin up. After we went to my house and waited for the rest of my family to get home. All we did the rest of the day was watch the news and just be with each other.

It was all so surreal, I can remember that day like it was yesterday. At the time I might not have known the importance of the World Trade Center, but I knew the significance the Twin Towers had on the New York City Skyline. That skyline just looked so empty without them there. Now with the One World Trade there the skyline is almost balanced out. So in memory of all those we lost and to the twin tower I toast to you!

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( I drank some Barefoots Sweet Red… which is one of my favorites!!! It’s amazeballz so dooo it!!!)

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