O Canada!!!

O CANADA OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAND….okay I know I’m not Canadian, but I have good reason why I’m singing the Canadian National Anthem, but first…let me take a selfie, I joke I joke. Seriously though every time I think of the Canadian National Anthem I automatically start singing the Genovia National Anthem; Ge-no-via the land I call my home, Genovia Genooooovia for-e-ver will your banner WAAAAVE. For those who don’t know what I speak/sing of you must watch Princess Diaries 1 and 2… One of my favorites!!! Anyway I’m sorry Canada, but the melody is very similar I just can’t help myself.

So the reason I bring up Canada is because I’m planning on going to Canada sometime this month!!! This is so exciting, I go from not even wanting to leave my house sometimes (because I’m extremely lazy) to going to CANADA!!!! I’m so freaking adventurous!

So me and two of my slutties are planning to go to Montreal. For the past week or so I’ve been looking for places to stay and what we should do and all that good stuff. So while googling (because Google is life) I come across this website called Airbnb, which has a lot of great choices. In this website you basically rent someone’s apartment or house. So because the Montreal area speaks French, a lot of the descriptions of the apartments are in french. The most I can do in French is say hi, goodbye, my name is , and ooo I can count to three… Courtesy Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s movie Passport to Paris. That’s about as much oooo wait I can also sing that naughty part from the song Lady Marmalade… Hehehe. I think that one would just get me into all kinds of trouble. Basically what I’m telling you is that google translate has been a very good friend to me. At one point though I got tired of copying and pasting, and I just made believe that I understood what I was attempting to read. It’s like when I watch a movie with subtitles, I get tired of reading and just watch the movie assuming I know what they’re saying. Au revoir pour le moment… OOOO Google translate! By the way that’s supposed to mean goodbye for now.

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( if I ever try to speak french to a French person they would hate me soooo much)

Laziness Overload!

I’m here in my room looking at the pile of laundry I have to do and hating it! I’m being super freaking lazy, I’ve been putting this off for 3 days. I’m running out of clean clothes; I was just wondering if I have enough dresses to last me the week because I’m being super lazy! Yesterday I had to buy a 5 pack of underwear because I ran out. It’s not like I even do my own laundry, that’s the worst part about this. All I do is:
1. put the cloths into a laundry bag
2. carry it to my car
3. drive it to the laundromat
4. carry it to the counter so it can get weighed
5. leave it there so the people that work there can wash my cloths
6. go pick it up the next day when it’s done. Seriously not that much work, but my laziness is on overload that I don’t want to do any of it ( I really don’t want to do number 6 because that’s when I have to pay… Ugh).

There were times that I used to buy a whole outfit for the next day because I hadn’t washed my cloths. It’s a horrible habit, that’s how my credit cards almost got out of hand ( when I say “almost” I mean they did get out of hand), but now I’m a recovering shopaholic. I haven’t done that in 6 months… I’m proud of myself.

I guess I should go do laundry ( and when I say do I mean go drop off my laundry) before I fall asleep and have to call out of work for the rest of the week because I have no clean cloths… What a tragedy!

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( I wish I was the genie from I Dream of Genie and do the little arms crossed head nod thing and get my cloths done)

Ps. Ladies if you ever find yourself in this predicament remember to buy a dress instead of pants and a shirt, it’s cheaper and you can buy two dresses for the price of one pants/shirt combo! Gentlemen I’m sorry I can’t help you… Your either gonna have to do the sniff test, or call out sick.