Snap… Crackle… Pop!

“Do you recall not long ago we would walk on the sidewalk…Innocent. Remeber? All we did was care for each other…but the night was warm. We were bold and young. All around the wind blows. We would only hold on to let go… Blow a kiss, fire a gun. We need someone to lean on. Blow a kiss, fire a gun. All we need is somebody to lean on!!!” I abso-freaking-lutely love this song… It just gets me going. This would be the song I listen to to start my day, it just make me happy! By the way that songs name is Lean On by DJ Snake and Major Lazer.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I was sitting in my room watching chiropractors adjust (aka crack… I watched so many I learned the lingo) people’s backs, necks, hips and feet. Practically everything that can be cracked was cracked and it was the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Not only did it look like it felt incredibly amazing , but the loud cracking sounds was like music to my ears. When I crack my bones and I hear that loud pop I just have this deep soul quenching amazingness feeling seep through my body, like my work is complete… It’s thee best. You know what is almost at the same level but not really, is watching other people get parts of there body cracked… Omg I love it!!!

Ooo your gonna think I’m even weirder than you probably already do. I know you probably thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse… Weeeeellll it’s about to. So I LOOOOOOOVE watching people get their pimples popped!!! Ahhhh I know it sounds B.A.N.A.N.A.S, but it’s the truth. I have no clue what it is about it I just get so excited! And the bigger the pimple the better it makes me feel… I think I just like the feeling of being grossed out. At least I know I’m not the only one, my sluttie Royal Blue feels the same way I do. I think that’s one of the many reasons we love each other so much. We’re like two pimples in a pore…you get it like two peas in a pod but like way grosser… I’m pretty sure grosser is not a word, but I don’t care deal with it!

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( two days till Canada!!!!!)

Ps. This is what my YouTube home page looked like!


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