Weekend Escapades!!

I now love CHICKEN AND WAFFLES!!! Why have I never had chicken and waffles before this weekend… I’m extremely disappointed in myself!

Anyway this weekend was one of the most productive I’ve had in a while and I’m freaking exhausted. I’m currently writing to you all while laying down and hoping I don’t drop my phone on my face.

So on Saturday, Sluttie McSlutterson, Boobielicious and I went to the beach… And it was magical. Well not really it was like any other beach day… We were in the water for what felt like half and hour but was really more like two hours. After being in the sun for hours I got extra crispy. I was some what pale before but now I’m a little golden brown with a tint of redness. I Didn’t get my crispy color just from Saturday though, I also went to the pool on Sunday… It was freaking hawt as ballssss!!!

My skin color wasn’t the only thing that changed, my once beautiful purple/grayish color has also disappeared on me! I now have some… I don’t even know what color it is now, but as long as it’s not green from the chlorine I can deal I guess.

I’m so so so sad that my PURPLE HAIR IS GONE! I love that hair I don’t think I can cope… I just loved that color so much. I thought I met the one. So I’ve decided to just let my hair be what it wants to be this summer, and then I’m going back to my one true hair color soulmate! Well Ta-Ta for now!

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily (the sun drained me… I need sleep!)