Sistah from Anotha Mistah!

Just a warning I don’t really have much to say today. Not because I can’t think of anything to write about, but because I’m suuuuuperrrrr tired. “Emily, why are you so tired its not like you do anything?” Well first off that’s hurtful I do plenty of things like driving to and from work, singing in my car( which takes a lot out of you… Okay!), and I stopped to get gas today. I know your judging, but I don’t care.

Anyway the real reason I’m tired is because I actually acted my age yesterday. Yesterday was a normal day, I got home from work at around 6ish and did my usual routine. Which is check the mail, then use the bathroom ( because I’ve been holding my pee pee for way to long), but then I also bought a lottery ticket ( buying lottery tickets isn’t the norm… So don’t be thinking I have some big gambling problem; I’m toooooo broke for that life… I just had an extra dollar). Okay back to my story, the rest of the night goes by and at this point it’s like 9:30pm and I’m starting to get ready for bed. Yes I said 9:30pm, I’m a freaking Vieja (old lady) at heart. But then I get a text from my Sistah from anothah Mistah!! Me and Sistah from anothah Mistah have known each other since we were wee little lads! Her brother and my brother are besties for life, and of course so are we! This girl is my freaking Ride or Die chick… We can go weeks without seeing or even talking to each other, but once you get us together it’s like no time has passed… We just pick it up where we left off and keep it moving. As I was saying, Sistah texted me last night at like 9:30ish and asks me where I was. So I tell her I’m home… She replies come to the bar. Of course I’m thinking this girl is cray it’s like 9:50 I’m about to go to sleep. I’m guessing she knew what I was think so she texts me saying Rover (which is the name of the bar) and that’s it. So I had no choice… I got dressed again and went to meet her at Rover. I’m telling you she has a way with words and is VERY persuasive and she is the only person that can get me to do anything!

So basically I’m tired because I got home at like almost 1am… Don’t judge me I told you I’m a Vieja and one in the morning is late for me!

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( to my surprise my brother, her brother and some other peeps were there… I’m kinda glad I broke my Vieja ways, I had fun)

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