Vino Viernes!!!

I finally got my eyebrows done today and that whore muncher fucked my shit up!! One eye brow looks like I’m trying to be The Rock when he does that eyebrow thing, and the other looks somewhat normal… A little thin but normalish.

Okay I’m over it now… I can’t be mad, besides my eyebrows everything else today was AMAZEBALLZ!! First I didn’t have to go to work today… YAAAASSS!!! Second I’m going to the fair tonight!!!! I love the fair!!!! And lastly it’s Friday… And you know what that means!!! VINO, VINO, VINO!!! Yay!!

Last week I tried the wine my cousin told me about, and I ended up buying two bottles a red one and a white one. Well the red one was supposed to be saved for today… Ummm yeeeaaaaa, that bottle did make it passed the weekend ( I ended up drinking the whole bottle on Saturday. Oooo wells!)

So I went out today and bought a new bottle today and it’s called…. CULITOS… Hehehe that means butt. So obviously I got that bottle because the label has three naked people on it. I was intrigued, don’t judge! I wasn’t able to have a full cup because people aka the parentals were rushing me so we could get to the fair, but I was able to take a few generous sips straight from the bottle. Don’t worry I kept it real lady like… I had my pinky up as I took my huge as gulps!! Just so you know it was really freaking good… Just because the bottle is called CULITOS… It doesn’t necessarily mean it tastes like ass.
Any way I gots to go home boys and home girls… I’m here writing to you from the FAIR!!! Deuces!!!!

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,
Emily ( I’m soooo excited… I love the FAIR!!)



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