HAAAALLELUJAH…HAAAAALLELUJAH!!! A couple of minutes ago I had one of the best feelings in the world!!! I took off my bra!!! Yaaaaassss!!! Sherlock and Holmes ( I’ve decided this is what my boobies shall be named) didn’t want to wait till we got home. They screamed no way Jose, Let me free now, I’ve been in here way to long! All this happened while I was driving, so being the kind person I am… I let these bad boys free! Freedom!!!!
Now for the reason I’m posting this sooooo late!! I went to see Nelly, TLC, and New Kids On The Block with my slutties Frover, Big Booty Judy, Boobielicious and Ditzy Doodle!!! I’ve never seen so many middle aged woman shaking their asses off! It was freaking BANANAS!!!

Nelly…. OOOO Nelly… This man made my old school wannabe thug come out of me, and I keep that Chonga locked up tight. One of the reason Frover and I get along so well is because we think alike. At the same time we yelled out to Nelly..”Take off your shirt!!” We were ratchet city… It was pretty ridiculous! By the time Nelly got to Hot in Hurr I was ready to do exactly as that song says. Nelly my friend you have become more deeeeelish with age! I still kind of miss your bandaid though.

Next in the line up was… TLC!!!! TLC, TLC!!! Ahhhhh…. I fan girled so hard when TLC came out!!! I did notice something that I never realized before. It was more of the T-boz show than TLC… It kind of looked like Chilli was just a very expensive back up singer/dancer. I still don’t care though!!! I love me some TLC!!! When Waterfalls came out I was doing that bob and point to the right with your thumbs and then to the left like in the video!! I was on POINT!!!! Don’t go chasing waterfalls please stick to the rivers and the lakes that your used to… Damn I love this song!!!

Finally, New Kids On The Block… To be completely honest I’m not a NKOTB fan. I was not even a blip on my parents mind and I was too young to be one of their fans! But I still had a good time watching them perform… They were pretty amazing! There’s one thing I learned at the concert. Every group has a JT. Basically I broke down the members of NKOTB in terms I would know aka NSYNC!! Just like NSYNC, New Kids has a Justin Timberlake equivalent, which means that they have a front man!! And everybody that loved and still loves NSYNC knows that JT was the face of the band, and shut your faces JC fans nobody cares what you think. I’m sorry I take that back I care about you, but not as much as JT fans. Well peeps there you have it… JT IS EVERYWHERE!! I’m off to eat, because dancing around like a crazy person in your seat to NKOTB songs you don’t know, works up an appetite.

Love Ya from the Moon and Back,

Emily ( OMG Mark freaking Walhburg made an appearance…. Made my night!!! I love you Marky Mark)

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