Do Blondes Have More Fun?!?!

Soooo I’m super duper BLONDE now…and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. And when I say I’m super blonde this is what I mean:IMG_0667

So I’ve been getting mixed views on my new hair. Mum Moon and Poppa Moon…HATE IT!! Want to know how I know…my dad said “no me gusta” meaning I don’t like it, and my mom in the beginning was trying to be more subtle… like “I just cant get used to you being blonde” then she said “I hate it”. So yea I don’t think my parents like my new do… but I’m okay with it. My slutties think it looks great and Snot Rockets’ reaction when he got my text was “love you” I responded with thanks man love you 2… then he said LOOKS GREAT! (I might have exaggerated with the all caps…but that’s besides the point) then he continued with You home?…I’m locked out… ahhh brotherly love.

Let me start from the beginning of my hair color-changing obsession! Its not really that big of a deal actually, I just gets bored fast and like to change my hair. Last year after I dyed my hair to what ever color I dyed it to (it was supposed to be a golden brown… ended up being like and orangey brownish color). Anyway I had promised my self that I wouldn’t dye my hair for a year, so I can let my hair rest from all them chemicals…Nah mean. Just so you know I’ve dye my hair what feels like a bazillion times, and I’ve only gone to an actual salon maybe 3 times (this time was one of the 3 times). Back to my story, once the year started getting closer I was getting that urge to do something different to my hair, but because the year was up yet I ended up cutting my hair. I always go through this phase where getting bangs seems like the most logical thing in the world. I always said when I don’t want to do my hair I can just blow dry my bangs and just put the rest up in a colita (I’m not completely sure if I spelled that right… but It means pony tail). If you know me you would understand that I hate doing my hair…so the bangs were a smart decision. I’ve gotten bangs about 5 times in my life…and I’ve hated it every time I don’t know how I always seem to convince my self that I like them…I blame Delilah she’s really good at helping make stupid decisions.

I’m telling you I think I have some form of A.D.D. I get distracted so easily. About two months ago I started thinking of what color I wanted to dye my hair I went through all the colors my hair has been, I’ve had: my natural color (which I honestly don’t remember what it is I think its like Dark Brown… I only know this because of my eyebrows), red, like a dark copper, to light brown with blonde highlights, to like a burgundy color. So when I thought of all these colors the first color to pop into my head was….PURPLE!!! Which isn’t the most “Professional” looking hair color, but I didn’t care. I started looking at different shades of purple and I found one that I loved and could’ve kinda, sorta, almost, not even close pass for black… hehehehe. So that’s why my hair is blonde, well basically yellow. That’s all I got for today home slices!


Love Ya from the Moon and Back,

Emily (my hair could be put in place of the M for McDonalds and you wouldn’t know the difference)


Ps. I think that whole blondes have more fun is a lie…I’ve having the same amount of fun I was having as a half brunette, half other color I was before.