Vino Viernes (Wine Friday) !!!

So my brother (lets call him Snot Rocket) and one of my favorite slutties (lets call her my Frover) have given me some pretty amazing ideas for my blog. They think I should try to incorporate a theme once a week…and I think it’s FABULOUS (just so you know I literally had to spell out fabulous the way the 000fabolousrapper Fabolous spells and says it so I would be able to spell it the correct way). Starting next week new posts will start Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Friday blogs will be a little different from the other days, for one it’s going to be called Vino Viernes!!!! Which means Wine Friday…no it’s not what you may be thinking, I’m no wine connoisseur( yes I had to look up the word to make sure the spelling was right).I wouldn’t be able to tell you which wines are paired better with dessert, or dinner, or how they taste oaky or flowery or nutty… I went to a wine tasting last year and that was what I heard people describing the wine (while I’m there thinking…dude this one sucks or DAMN!!! Where can I buy a barrel of this deliciousness?) All I can tell you is that I likes to drink it. So what that long spiel was for is to tell you that I will just be drinking lots and lots of Wine…I shall try not to discriminate and try a different kind every week… because I tend to favor wines that don’t taste like someone’s foot after they decided to climb Grandmother Willow (although she is very wise and helps Pocahontas out on the reg, I don’t want to taste her nah mean). As I was saying I love Wine!! So this is fair warning, I might… okay I’m pretty sure I’ll say some not so nice things. I’ve been told I can be a bitch while under the influence… So I apologize in advance!! I’m super excited for next week! I can only imagine what my drunken brain will want to write about.


Love Ya from the Moon and back,

Emily (The last sober Viernes…well I’m probably not going to be completely sober tonight but it’s the thought that counts… don’t judge this picture was taken weeks ago…I’m not that much of an alcoholic… It’s only 9 something in the morning!! )