Damn you Nutella!!!

All day…all night… all day…all night, for those that don’t know that is part of a song… I would totes tell you which one but I have no clue who sings this or what the name of the song is. I guess this is where I should let you know that I randomly break out into song lyrics…so get used to it. As I was attempting to say before the music spoke to me, All day I’ve been thinking “holy craptastic pants what the shitake mushrooms am I going to write about…after all, I did talk all that caca (apparently I have an obsession with all things having to do with number 2…aaand I love Derek Jeter who has everything to do with the number) about the many things I wanted to talk about. And. I. Can’t. Think. Of. One thing!!!” So I just went on with my day and figured something would come to me and VOILA I would have the best topic to talk about…. As a wise woman once said…UGH AS IF (oh Cher you are my Idol)…I had NOTHING! Don’t you worry though for I did not give up hope. While I was in the middle of my third encore (thank you, thank you, your far to kind)…I looked out my passenger side window and saw some dude digging for gold. Obviously the first thing that came to my mind was…how many people did I just give the most amazing, incredible, life changing concert (full of Disney classics) to and how can I get my money!! And then it hit me… I know what todays (today meaning yesterday since I’m the biggest procrastinator ever) blog should be about…. drum roll please…. Tatatatatatatata (don’t you DARE judge my drummer…he’s sensitive…its okay Tony your still my homeslice).

I’m going to write about my obsession with all things having to do with Facebook quizzes. I LOVE THESE FREAKING QUIZZES!! I feel like some of these quizzes just speak to my soul. I’m telling you I take at least 5 of these quizzes a day…honestly it might be the only reason I go on Facebook several times a day, I could care less what every ones been doing, but if you share a quiz your in my top 5(yeah… I just referenced some Myspace…deal with it). Any who as I was saying before my alter ego (Delilah… idk why that’s her name…I just feel like Delilah has an interesting story…and if you haven’t noticed yet I love to name things…you should hear what I named my lady parts…but that’s another story) rudely interrupted…Dang it I don’t even remember what I was trying to say anymore. OOOOHHHH RIGHT today while I was at work slaving away (hehehe oooo how I crack myself up) I took a Buzzfeed quiz called….duh duh duh…What is your Soulmate doing right now?… of course right away I thought …looking for me …derf!! If you must know my so-called “soul mate” was not looking for me…In fact this mofo was apparently eating an entire jar of Nutella! How Rude!!! So to you Nutella I say damn you for possibly keeping my soulmate away from me with your hazelnutty goodness!!! That’s all I have for today …for Nutella has won.



Love Ya from the Moon and back,

Emily (Heart broken and alone….why Nutella why)


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